Carbon Index (CI)

Carbon Index (CI) is expressed in number of grams of CO2 equivalent per 100g of product.
This calculation includes the method of product’s production, transport, storage and a part of Ecodis CO2 emissions.

Here are few reference points:

In details, 2 examples :

Sodium bicarbonate in 1kg brown paper:

its carbon index is 110g and 88.8% of greenhouse gas emissions are due to the raw material making up this product and its mining from quarries.

Liquid green soap 1L:

its carbon index is 75g and the major part of greenhouse gas emissions is due to the raw materials making up the soap, to its packaging (recyclable PET) and its transport.


The table below presents the carbon index of the products:

  Product Carbon Index
  Sodium bicarbonate 500g – food grade 140g
  Bee wax 400g  54g
  Sodium bicarbonate 500g – technical grade  120g
  Sodium bicarbonate 1kg – technical grade  120g
  Sodium bicarbonate 2.5kg 130g
  Meudon white tube 500g  42g
  Sodium percarbonate 1kg  180g
  Soda crystal 500g  89g
  Diatomeaceous earth tube 250g  104g
  Sommières earth tube 400g  72g
  Sommieres earth refill 400g 54g
  Citric acid 1kg  360g
  Liquid wax 500mL 85g
  Brown polish  250g
  Colourless polish  250g
  Black polish  240g
  Waterproofing balm  250g
  Limewater 500ml  41g
  Garbage bags 30L and 50L  68g
  Garbage bags 100L 55g
  5 organic cotton bags – L size 260g
  5 organic cotton bags – S size 260g
  Product Carbon Index
  Thin latex gloves 250g
  Milk wax 1L 71g
  Claystone 125g  110g
  Claystone 500g  110g
  Green soap paste sunflower 1kg 88g
  Green soap paste olive 1kg 53g
  Soap flakes 1kg 180g
  Epsom salt 1kg 78g
  Liquid green soap linseed oil 1L 61g
  Liquid green soap linseed oil 5L 56g
  Liquid green soap olive oil 1L 53g
  Liquid green soap olive 5L 45g
  Nigari salt 1kg 62g
  Nigari salt 150g 65g
  Dégrip’tout® 200mL (spray) 150g
  Dégrip’tout® 500mL (recharge) 140g
  Talc 300g 130g
  Alcohol vinegar 8% 1L 38g
  Alcohol vinegar 8% 5L 39g
  Alcohol vinegar 12% 1L 32g
  Vinegar gel 12% 50g
  Liniment  69g
  Neutral cleansing base 1L 60g