Our values

Selection criteria

Based on a strong commitment and an unrivalled experience of more than 20 years in the organic farming and ecology fields, Ecodis ecoproducts are selected and developed with the strict respect of rigorous and consistent criteria. More

Zero Waste initiative

Ecodis has been helping its customers for many years in the Zero Waste initiative, offering them long-lasting and reusable products, free from useless packaging. A Zero Waste approach involves different steps, such as buying food in bulk at shop or market for example. More


Ecodis products are based on recognized ecological labels and are certified by independent organizations. Products are made of a maximum of organic ingredients and are manufactured with the maximum of French or Occidental Europe materials. More

Solidarity projects

For respect persons and peoples, to promote balanced relationships between countries and an environmentally responsible global development are some of the strong values of Ecodis. They are concretely applied through the support for ecological and solidarity projects. More