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06/11/2017  |   A second street art at ecodis

After Dourone painting a wall inside the wharehouse, the artist Mika has realized a huge mural on the external wall of Ecodis’ building.
Rescue in a flower sea” is the title chosen by the artist with this hummingbird among this generous vegetation.

Mika has been selected by a group of employees to give colors to the facade as well as to send a message of environment friendliness.

11/09/2017  |   Ecodis makes art enter into the company

The project to bring in artists at Ecodis was born after a meeting with the association called “L’art prend la rue”.

A collaborative work enabled to 5 employees to choose the artist to paint one of the Ecodis’ walls.

DOURONE, which is the duo Fabio and Elodie, is used to paint walls of buildings all around the world. They agreed this company’s project because of their own values, respect, diversity and liberty, that are reaching those of Ecodis.

22/06/2017  |   Ecodis, winner of the “Trophées de l’innovation” (Innovation Awards)

Organised by the CCI (the Chamber of Commerce and Industry), the “Trophées de l’innovation” (awards for innovative businesses and project holders) allowed Ecodis to talk about a new economic model, which one protects both enterprises and their employees, without any shareholder and based on a system of human business transfer.

For the first time in France, an Endowment Fund holds the capital of an enterprise. This arrangement creates a barrier to the takeover of the company and thus protect its economic and social model. Only business executives can carry out the transfer and no longer in a financial way.

When some are generated, Ecodis’ profits are allocated to the Endowment Fund which finances ecological and solidarity projects, in France and abroad.

Besides its economic purpose, Ecodis now enables general interest projects to see the light of the day.

27/02/2017  |   Ecodis to invest eco-friendly garden universe with its new brand La Belle Potagère®

La Belle Potagère® is a range of 53 vegetable and floral seeds varieties that are all organic certified without any hybrids nor GMOs.
They are reproducible and dedicated to a family and natural gardening. La Belle Potagère® has selected quality seeds produced in France or in Western Europe that are able to grow in most gardens. The selection highlights ancient and very tasty varieties as well as edible and useful flowers. La Belle Potagère® helps eco-friendly gardeners in their environment compliance and biodiversity preservation.