Archives 2015

21/10/2015  |   Liquid wax with organic beeswax!

100% of natural ingredients, 15% of organic ingredients and an artisanal and French production for this brand new liquid wax certified Ecodetergent based on organic ingredients. Its unique composition naturally maintains, nourrishes and cleans wood’s surfaces while it allows the wood to breathe. It lets a light and nice odor of beeswax.

05/10/2015  |   Visit us at Natexpo !

Ecodis will participate at Natexpo in Paris (Villepinte) on September 18-19-20th. Visit us on the booth H11 – hall 7!

17/09/2015  |   The green soap with organic olive oil!

Here is the last product of the droguerie family: a liquid green soap with organic olive oil and  made of only organic vegetal raw materials, that is 21% of the total of the formula. It is produced in France with artisanal methods and is certified Ecodetergent based on organic ingredients.

24/08/2015  |   Visit us! 


Ecodis will participate at Vitasana in Brussels expo on Sunday 27th and Monday 28th of september 2015. Visit us on the booth 204 – Hall 1!

08/06/2015  |   Finally an European Nigari salt!

To improve its ecological footprint, Ecodis offers a Nigari salt coming from an European deposit. This is a real “local” alternative to the Chinese Nigari salts generally sold in the bioshops. Don’t hesitate anymore, use this European Nigari salt to make your own tofu or your magnesian water!

29/05/2015  |   Bees are arriving at Ecodis!

Two hives and their bee colonies are just arrived in Ecodis’ garden
We welcome them and wait for the first honey crops!